Backgammon and Technology – Part III


In this article in the series we are going to looking online play which will enable you improve your game and help you get more enjoyment out of playing backgammon.

FIBS First Internet Backgammon Server

In 1992 the world wide web was still in its infant shoes and it would take another 5 years before it before internet became truly popular and within reach of vast numbers of people.

Expert backgammon was the first PC program and players worldwide were getting used to playing computers. This of course being much easier than travelling sometimes long distances to get a game. FIBS was created by Andreas Schneider. This was the first time people could play backgammon online. There were a number of issues of course but FIBS was an immediate success. A accurate rating system was also introduced.

Until 1997 FIBS was about the only real site to play online backgammon. Then various other players decided to join the online backgammon market.

First entry into the market was Gamesgrid and they attracted the best players in the world due to the quality of their interface. They were quickly followed by Netgammon and a number of others. Most sites offered a bot that you could play against for free.

Cheating in online backgammon play

There has always been a concern that unscrupulous people were using backgammon software to “assist” them in online play and this did take place on occasion. These days online backgammon sites can quickly detect patterns in play to indicate they are cheating but to be fair this occurs rarely. Although the chance of cheating can never be completely prevented, it is in the nature of the backgammon community to punish offenders quickly and thus it becomes much harder for a person cheating to prosper.

The Present

The creators of Snowie entered the online market in 2002 by launching TrueMoneyGames.

After this the boom in online backgammon didn’t take place as the emphasis moved to slot machines, casinos and poker. Poker enjoyed a huge succes and this showed that there was a huge market for players that wanted to be able to play 24/7 from locations allover the globe.

Recently a couple of new players have entered the market and one of the best of these is Gammon Empire which has enjoyed huge growth in player numbers. They came up with a winning format which included the following.

  • Free backgammon school for Real Money players
  • Low first deposit of $5
  • 24 hour multilingual support
  • Software supports 18 languages
  • Holds the biggest backgammon tournaments in the business
  • State of the art fraud detection system.
  • Players of all levels can be found online
  • Prompt payouts

At this time this is the winning formula for Gammonempire but we are awaiting many more developments as Partygammon has also entered the market

Update 2013 – Gammonempire and Partygammon both stopped operations, check out our online page for current options for online backgammon.


We have looked at a brief analysis of online play and showed you what makes GE one of the worlds leading backgammon sites. We showed you that GNUBG was our personal choice of backgammon computer software. In our next article we will look at how to combine the two for maximum benefit