Backgammon , the hottest product on the internet.

The online ‘gaming’ market has traditionally been dominated by the most financially rewarding products such as online casinos and online poker rooms. The fact is that there are many restrictions imposed on these type of products by credit card companies and marketing these products using traditional methods such as S.E.O (Search engine optimilization) and C.P.C (Cost per Click) advertising has become next to impossible.

This coupled with the intense competition in these markets, which lets face it are still very financially rewarding ) has made it difficult for your average website owner to generate any real income. Becoming top affiliate and earning tens of thousands a month at an online casino has become difficult indeed.

Skill games and especially the worlds leading skill game namely backgammon , offer affiliates the chance to earn real money in a market wide open and growing fast. Backgammon is the fastest growing affiliate product on the market and I personally know of at least a dozen affiliates that are earning thousands of dollars every month and that after only one year of operation !

Credit card limitations that lower conversion and player value for other products dont apply to backgammon resulting in better conversion and player retention. And advertising opportunities for anyone promoting skill games abound.

These are just a few reasons why backgammon is such a hot product and if the first couple of years are anything to go by we can expect backgammon to reach maybe 70-80% of the volume of online poker by 2007.

Backgammon definitely the hottest product on the net in my opinion.