Snowie is a high-quality backgammon program. It is based on proprietary neural network technology that has been trained to play as good as or better than the best human players. Snowie 1 to Snowie 3 used a special learning technique similar to the TD learning algorithm published by G. Tesauro. Snowie 4 however, is based on a new kind of learning algorithm that allowed it to play much stronger than the previous version.

Features of the Student edition (USD 100) and the Professional edition

  • Play against a world class opponent.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface with contextual HTML help.
  • Great gaphics with the availability of a 3D Board.
  • Play table stakes backgammon.
  • Rate yourself with the integrated ELO ranking point system.
  • Amazing bearoff database (up to pt 11) included on the CD.
  • Learn from the advice of Snowie on checker plays and cube decisions.
  • Learn how to play a specific position.
  • Learn everything about the current score of the match.
  • Annotate your matches.
  • Export your matches to HTML, ascii or to the printer.
  • Extra features for the Professional edition (USD 380) only
  • Make rollouts of your checker plays and cube decisions:
  • Cubeless rollouts (full or truncated) played on 1-ply, 2-ply or 3-ply.
  • Variance reduction of the result.
  • Cubeful rollouts (for money game AND for match play).
  • Import your matches played on the Internet.
  • Import your TrueMoneygames sessions and analyze them taking into account Table Stakes.
  • Let your whole matches be analyzed by Snowie and get an error rate of your matches.
  • Explore your analyzed matches and investigate the errors.


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