The advantages of playing backgammon online

I have been playing backgammon online for more than 10 years. But during this time I have also been an enthusiastic live backgammon player, playing both money games (chouettes) and tournaments. I like both ways of playing. But I know many live players will say that they don’t enjoy playing online. They miss the excitement of rolling the dice, looking your opponent straight in the eye, and the atmosphere that comes from having people standing around and discussing your game.

I do find the two experiences to be different, but never the less enjoy them both. Here are some of the things that I like about playing online, and I think that you will too if you take advantage of them:

1. On a good backgammon server, (like) you are able to save every match, run it through Snowie (or JF or GNU) and look at all the mistakes you made. This has been the single best learning tool for me, over the past few years and has undoubtedly raised my standard of play.

2. Once again, if it is a good server, there are many tournaments that I will enter. This is excellent practice for live tournament play

3. When I play for money, which I do at times, I love knowing that I don’t have to worry about issues such as getting paid, crooked dice, illegal moves, and other forms of cheating that can and do occur during live play.

4. I love the fact that when playing online backgammon, I am playing, and meeting, people from all over the world. I’m happy to start conversations, and I’ve actually made friends with people in Spain, Germany , Italy , Israel and Japan. We communicate frequently and discuss backgammon.

Finally , I love the fact that I can lay down in bed, play for as long or short as I like, quit whenever I please and start again whenever I want.